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Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitor w/SureBP Non-invasive Blood Pressure; 71XX-B

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This model contains:

  • SureBP (NiBP) Non invasive Blood Pressure
  • Wired Connectivity

Manufacturer: Welch Allyn | MPN: 71XX-B

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The Connex® Spot Monitor features an easy-to-use, vivid touchscreen display and provides accurate vital signs measurement including blood pressure averaging, spot checking, interval monitoring and custom scoring across patient populations. The device connects wirelessly to your EMR and sends vitals to the patient chart from the point of care to help improve efficiency.Its upgradeable design and custom configurations include optional wall unit integration, industry-leading thermometry and pulse oximetry choices, connectivity and other mounting/mobility options. In addition, the Accessory Power Management Stand with WhisperDrive™ technology features additional power backup, providing up to 17 hours of on-time, alleviating the need to charge the monitor as frequently. Ships standard with one Adult and one Large Adult cuff.

NiBP = Non invasive Blood Pressure


  • SureBP® technology can provide BP in only 15 seconds
  • Single sign-on options available for quick, secure clinician login
  • Connex Scoring App calculator for custom protocols (e.g., NEWS, MEWS)
  • BP averaging to help ensure accurate hypertension diagnosis
  • Supports resident list workflows for long-term care settings
  • SureTemp® Plus or Braun ThermoScan® PRO 6000 Thermometry
  • Partnerships with more than 90 leading EMRs including Epic® and Cerner®
  • Choice of leading SpO2 technologies: Masimo®, Nellcor® or Nonin®
  • Add to integrated wall system for complete patient exam workflow
  • Scale connectivity to Detecto, Health o meter® and SECA scales
  • Mobile stand option includes work surface with integrated battery for extended usage

Connects to EMR? Yes. Click here for list

Two year manufacturer warranty

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • How do I replace the battery on my Welch Allyn Connex® Spot Monitor?

    1 Turn the monitor upside down to access the battery cover. 2. Locate the battery cover, indicated by .   3. Using a double-slotted screwdriver, loosen the captive screw at the base of the battery cover, and then remove the cover. 4. Remove the old battery from the battery compartment. 5. Disconnect the battery connector from the battery connection port on the monitor. 6. Insert the battery connector for the new battery into the battery connection port on the monitor. 7. Insert the new battery into the battery compartment. 8. Replace the battery cover, and then tighten the captive screw at the bottom of the battery cover.

  • Is the Welch Allyn Home Blood Pressure Monitor easy to use?

    The Welch Allyn Home Blood Pressure Monitor has been specifically designed to provide a patient with ease of use and accuracy when measuring blood pressure at home. When using it with the free Welch Allyn Home app, and pairing it with a smartphone, it’s also easy for patients to record and track measurements. If your practice is participating in the Welch Allyn Home Hypertension Program, it will automatically share home blood pressure measurements with trusted members of your office through the Welch Allyn Home Clinical Portal. 

  • How is my patient’s home blood pressure monitor linked to my Clinical Portal?

    Once your patient has their app account set up, they should see an invite in the app to connect to you. Your patient needs to accept the follow request to share their readings; once they accept their readings will wirelessly link between their paired home monitor and your Clinical Portal account.

  • How do I access the Advanced Settings on my Welch Allyn Connex® Vital Signs Monitor.

    The Advanced tab provides password-protected access to the monitor's Advanced settings (or Admin mode), enabling nurse administrators, biomedical engineers, and/or service engineers to configure specific features. The Advanced tab also presents read-only information about the monitor. Note You cannot enter the Advanced settings if sensors or physiological alarms are active or if vital sign measurements are displayed. Access the Advanced Settings. Touch the Settings tab. Touch the Advanced tab. Enter the Advanced settings code. Touch OK. The General tab appears.  

  • My Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series has Error E36 display.

    If you see E36 on your Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series display, this error code may mean that the temperature probe needs replacement.
    Replace the temperature probe with a known good probe to verify if a new probe is needed.
    If the error code clears, you may continue using the Vital Signs Monitor 300. If replacing the probe with a known good probe does not clear the error, please contact your Customer Support, and we will be happy to assist you.

  • How do you power down the Connex® Spot Monitor?

    If you power down the monitor using the button, patient measurements are retained in the monitor memory for a maximum of 24 hours. These saved measurements are available for recall or electronic transmission to the network. This method also ensures that any configuration settings you have changed and saved will be maintained at the next startup. 1. Press <power sign>. If there is a software update available, then a system message asks if you want to upgrade the software. 2. If you want to upgrade the software, touch OK. 3. If there is no system message, a dialog box appears with options. Sign out (if you signed in with a Clinician ID) Power down Sleep Cancel 4. Touch one of the options. The monitor will either sign you out as a clinician so that another clinician can sign in, power down, go into Sleep mode, or return to the prior screen, depending on the option you choose. The battery continues to charge when in Sleep mode.

  • Where is the power supply for my Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitor? How do I order the power supply with my Connex Spot Monitor?

    If you order a mounting option with your Connex Spot Monitor, the power supply is included with the mounting option. 

    If you do not order a mounting option with your CSM, you will need to order the Power Supply part # 7000-PS as a separate item. (required if not ordering a stand or wall mount) 

    Available Mounting Options (with Power Supply included):

    7000-APM Connex Spot Accessory Power Management Stand
    7000-MS3 Connex Spot Classic Mobile Stand
    7000-GCX Connex Spot Wall Channel