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The #1 PPD Skin Test or Tuberculosis Test Guide

What is a PPD Skin Test?

ppd skin test

A PPD skin test is a medical examination a patient undergoes to see if they have been diagnosed or come into contact with tuberculosis.

What does PPD stand for?

tb skin test

Good Question!

PPD stands for purified protein derivative.

What is Tuberculosis?

Defined by the

"tuberculosis is Tuberculosis (TB) is a potentially dangerous infectious disease that mainly affects your lungs."

Why do you need to take a PPD Skin Test?

If you become infected with tuberculosis in any amount, it is the only option to vaccinate yourself from the disease.

The bacteria that cause tuberculosis are spread from one person to another through tiny droplets released into the air via coughs and sneezes.

Where to Purchase a PPD Skin Test?

If you are looking to purchase a PPD test, we recommend MedStock as they are authorized licensed re-sellers. Plus, they have over 15 years of experience within the medical field.

Contact their friendly staff to help you purchase a PPD Skin Test today. Call MedStock now at (888) 845-40800. They also have a user-friendly website click here

Where to get a PPD Test?

medstock has ppd tests

TB testing is also widely available from pharmacies to medical offices.

Just fill out a PPD Form and get tested to make sure you do not have the very lethal disease we know as tuberculosis.

It is essential you find out immediately where to get a TB test. If you become infected with tuberculosis in any amount, it is the only option to vaccinate yourself from the disease.

Also as mentioned before Medstock is your #1 choice for buying PPD Tests.

Is there a difference between a Tuberculosis test and PPD Skin Test?

A TB test and a PPD test are the same thing.

Its just two different ways of saying the same thing.

Top 10 common signs & symptoms of Tuberculosis

1. Excessive coughing

excessive coughing

2. Finding blood in your coughs

 finding blood in your coughs

3. Coughs lasting longer than 3 weeks 

coughs lasting longer than 3 weeks

4. Pain while breathing in and out 

pain while breathing in and out

5. Weight loss 

weight loss

6. Chest Pains 

chest pain

7. Chills


8. Fever


9. Excessive Tiredness 

excessive tiredness

10. Night Sweats

night sweats

What do I have to do before a TB Test?

There is no need to worry a great deal about preparing for it. One tip would be to make sure you are adequately clean beforehand.


You do have to fill out a PPD Form before taking the PPD Test. It is also imperative to inform your doctor of any of your pre-existing medical conditions, medicine, steroids or vitamins you may consume.

Does it hurt to get a PPD Skin Test?

ppd skin test

Getting a PPD skin test is ultimately painless and causing no harm. Some may express that they feel a quick stinging sensation during the examination but nothing painful.

If needles bother you, simply look away. Otherwise, it is a harmless procedure. 

Why should I get a PPD Skin Test?

If you care about your health and those around you, getting a TB test is a no brainer. Tuberculosis is a hazardous disease to be diagnosed with because it significantly weakens your immune system. This disease is highly contagious and can either be active or inactive. By no means is it uncommon for TB to lay dormant in a person body with no signs of symptoms.

latent active tb

Even if inactive it’s still problematic because the disease can spring back into active form putting your life at risk. Mostly it is important for everyone to receive a PPD Skin Test.

Just because you may be in good health does not exempt you from considering taking a PPD test. There are some specific groups of people based on circumstances, situation or what you that are for sure more likely to possess a form of TB.

These people 100% should have a greater sense of urgency to receive a PPD Skin Test. This is important because it's a matter of life and death.

How often should I get a PPD Test?

Most doctors recommend once every four years.

Also, not just for one person but for any person that individual may come into contact. This truly does raise the level of severity of this disease and should be seen as such.

TB is a deadly disease to have and must be wiped out if found in someone’s biological system. We do advise people are more likely to possess Tuberculosis to get tested.

What happens if you test positive for TB?

If you test positive for a TB infection, you must undergo further testing.

tb test

This will require blood tests, chest x-rays and test the sputum you cough up.

It is vital to learn the severity of how infected you may be with TB disease to prevent any sickness or potential fatalities.

These individuals just mentioned will be in the list found below:

  • People who have been around someone infected with TB
  • People who have HIV/AIDS
  • People who have Cancer
  • People who have Diabetes
  • People who have received an organ transplant
  • People who have received a blood transfusion
  • People with a weak immune system.
  • New immigrants from foreign lands.
  • Prison Inmates
  • Homeless people
  • Active or Former Drug users
  • Nurses and Doctors
  • Teachers and Professors
  • Workers who deal with many people every day in close proximity

If you are read that entire list and check off any of those boxes, consider getting a PPD Skin Test. We recommend you get tested regardless, because it is vital for your health. If you read that and check more than 1 box off or more than 2 or 3 than 100% go and tested for Tuberculosis immediately.



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