Maico Handheld easyTymp Tympanometer

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Handheld rechargeable tympanometer with ipsilateral reflex test.

• Very fast and reliable impedance measurements

• Automatic tests

• Full color, high resolution display

• Stores more than 1000 measurements

• Docking station with integrated eartip box or integrated printer

• NOAH compatible software

Package Includes:

  • easyTymp Device
  • Ear Tip Assortment Kit (70 pieces)
    • 10 of 7mm Mushroom Style - Blue
    • 10 of 9mm Mushroom Style - Green
    • 10 of 11mm Mushroom Style - Blue
    • 10 of 13mm Mushroom Style - Green
    • 5 of 15mm Mushroom Style - Blue
    • 5 of 19mm Mushroom Style - Yellow
    • 5 of 15mm Umbrella Style - Red
    • 5 of 19mm Umbrella Style - Blue
    • 10 of 3-5mm Flanged - Red
    • Cleaning Tool
  • Battery & Power Supply
  • Cradle Dock
  • Software
  • Manual

Printer and other options available


  • Extensive Storage - The internal memory of the easyTymp stores more than 1000 measurements. With the impedance software, data can also be transferred to a PC.
  • easyTymp Cradle -The easyTymp cradle serves as a docking station and recharger. It is available as a version with eartip box or integrated printer.
  • Fast Middle Ear Measurements easyTymp is the convenient choice for professionals to perform tympanometry and acoustic reflexes.
  • Automated Acoustic Reflex Testing - The intensity of the four frequencies of the reflex test is increased automatically until a reflex is detected or the maximum level is reached.
  • Select Protocol - All available test protocols can be easily selected with one hand. Standard protocols: Tympanometry with 226 Hz; ipsilateral reflexes with automatic threshold detection or with fixed levels.
Probe Frequency and Intensity 226 Hz ± 1%, 69 dB HL
Pressure Range +200 to -400 daPa
Accuracy ± 10% or ± 10 daPa
Volume Range

0.1 to 8.0 ml

Test Time < 3 seconds
Test Frequencies 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Hz ± 1% accuracy
Test Method ipsilateral  
Intensity Setting Automatic or single intensity
  • Probe Tip and Probe Tip
  • Replacement Rechargable Battery
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Eartip Kit
  • Calibration Cavity
  • Cradle with Integrated Eartip Box and Power Supply Unit
  • MAICO Impredance Software Operations Manual
  • Carrying Case
  • External Probe
  • License for High Frequency Probe Tone of 1kHz
  • Cradle with Integrated Printer and Power Supply Unit
  • Wall Mount Kit for Cradle
Memory 1 curve per ear and test
Internal Memory >1000 measurements
Display Full color graphic LCD-Display
Dimensions Device 4” W x 15” D x 4” H
Weight Device 15 oz



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  • Is this screening device or diagnostic?

    Hi Stacie!
    This product is a SCREENING device. Great question!